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20 % discount on Ecotourism and Retreat stays booked before the 30th october 2017!

Book your Ecotourism stay or Retreat NOW for SPRING 2018

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This offer is valid until 30 october 2017 ... Book Now !

For autumn it is now too late but you may book now for a yoga retreat or ecotourism stay in spring 2018;

Planning a guest seminars is also feasible if YOU want to organize your own workshop... See purple stays

You may also wish to come as volunteer or karma yogi? That's possible as well !

As far as our seminars are concerned you may learn more here...

Yoga week ends for those who are close to the farm, will be soon planned; see here in the blog...

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Have a nice time visiting this website and feel free to contact Isabelle for any information!

The Yunus Emre farm welcomes you for a moment outside of time!

The farm at your own pace ...


You may stay in Durga, the big yoga shala or in Saraswati, the nomad turkish tent or even in a small camping tent...

You may wish either to discover the area around or simply draw, paint, write your book, pick up flowers ...


To learn more... follow the green flower !

The Yunus Emre farm is a havan of peace where nothing separates us from our inner nature;

The clever one solves the problem;

The wise one avoids it;

Are you curious? Do you want to simply visit the farm for one afternoon or so? That is possible of course, if you give me prior notice... See all details here...

Seminars and workshops with different possible themes like: yoga, ayurveda, arts, drawing, painting, cooking, traditions, ecobuilding...


A big sharing of knowledge for a unique experience in the Yunus Emre farm...


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The rest  you take Now

contains your energy for Tomorrow

Are you a teacher wanting to organize your own workshop with your own students?

That is also possible in the farm;
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You need a break to take a breath? Some time for a step back? Allowing time for yourself will recharge your batteries and enable you to continue your life with more energy and harmony;

Isabelle will prepare a tailored program just for you where the powerful tools of yoga and ayurveda, the care of Nature, some activities like cooking or gardening might help you greately... Follow the blue flower !

Do you wish to discover ecology in a peaceful farm ? Do you wish to give a hand, learn without paying too much ? All that is possible if you come as a volunteer or karma yogi... To learn more ... follow the yellow flower !

The mind has to be empty

To see Clearly;