"Look after your body well so that your soul desires to remain in it"

Indian saying

Ayurveda, balance & health

How can we stay healthy, even heal ourselves thanks to Ayurveda?

According to Ayurveda, each parcel of creation is a mixture of the Main Elements which compose the universe : Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether.
The main elements have been grouped into pairs which are called "DOSHAS":
Pitta dosha maintains Fire and Water together
Kapha dosha maintains Water and Earth together
Vata dosha maintains Air and Ether together;


As human beings, we are born with a specific percentage of each Dosha: this is our Ayurvedic Constitution or PRAKRITI; This is the base of our existence according to which our balance level will be regulated ;

It does not change, it has been established as we were conceived in the womb!

Example : 10%pitta/ 30% vata / 60% kapha


However, during the course of time, many external and internal events come into play and may affect our constitution which becomes Instant Constitution or VIKRITI.

Vikriti is thus evolving around the Prakriti range according to seasons, activities, emotions, work, place we live etc.


According to Ayurveda's basic principle, it is said that :


As long as Vikriti remains close to Prakriti, evolving around Prakriti up to a certain limit, we STAY HEALTHY and BALANCED.


However, if our Vikriti goes beyond this health perimeter, then disease starts to manifest which can be of all nature; physical, mental, psychic, emotional...


Hence, knowing from the beginning our Basic Constitution Prakriti represents a valuable tool which will helps us to keep our being in Harmony during our life, simply by playing with the factors which can affect it ; food, lifestyle, occupations...


Likewise, in the case of illness, the Ayurvedic doctor's task will be to bring Vikriti the instant constitution, back or close to Prakriti the basic constitution;

And he will do this thanks to the powerful yet totally natural tools that Ayurveda offers to mankind and which are based on Nature : Plant medecine / Oil Massages  - and of course reorganise our lives with proper diet / activity / seasonal and daily routine...

Ayurveda uses only Nature to bring balance back into our constitution.       Ayurveda is perfect Ecology.

"One who is constantly careful about the body rythms, alternation of nights and days... One who adopts appropriate life style and rules, will never be affected by sorrow."

Ayurveda Ashtanga Hridayam

"Being balanced and healthy is the best source of virtue, wealth, gratification and emancipation."


Ayurvéda Charaka Samhita