Orange stays : group seminars workshops...

Yoga & Trekking in Turkey 7-18 may 2018


First part : 5 days in the Yunus Emre farm and Taurus mountains

Daily yoga by Isabelle and Marie-Pierre in the forms of postures, breathing, meditation, relaxation and also conscious action, mantra, havan, will be conducted both indoor and outdoor while walking in the surrounding moutains.

Each night we shall sleep in the Yunus Emre farm.


Second part: From Kash (on the mediterranean cost) we shall engage in the Lycian way with a professionnal guide and walk each day for about 3 hours, sleep in different guesthouses along the way, eat turkish food and discover some historical sites as well as have a boat tour in magnificent areas;


967 to 937 €uros


It is a must do program however the number of places is of  course limited.


To read more details, you may download the FLYER in the nearby column, the PRACTICAL DETAILS FORM as well as the REGISTRATION FORM.

If you have any query feel free to contact us!

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Note: if you cannot fill up the REGISTRATION form (pdf) simply contact us, we shall send it to you in Word format :)

Yoga & Trek 7- 18 may 2018 PRACTICAL DET
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Yoga & Trek 7- 18 may 2018 REGISTRATION
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Orange stays- general information

Teaching : the themes





Ayurvedic cooking

Arts Drawing Painting


Turkish tradition

Dry fig fabrication

Pekmez fabrication

Nar eksisi fabrication


To learn about our program, you may follow the orange flower which will take you to the farm’s blog or follow this link;


If you wish to be informed of our upcoming events, simply contact Isabelle to register to the egazete !

To learn about some of the benefits brought by Yoga you may follow this link

Yoga and Harmony


To learn some of the benefits given by Ayurveda, you may follow this link

Ayurveda, balance and health


The themes that are taught in the farm during seminars and workshops all have in common that :


They allow to learn tools for a better well fare and better world


Yoga, ayurvéda (India’s medicine), permaculture, ecobuilding, arts handycraft, cooking, local traditions...


Each seminar, workshop is a unique experience where each participant gets to learn a lot of precious knowledge as well as experience the human venture of the farm in its protected area;


Important detail: telephone and other screens are left aside in our accomodations, in silent mode during the whole stay; you will be encouraged to use them as little as possible so as to feel the connexion with the place and people around, so as to experience the “here and now” in a deeper way... we shall prefer to ask our queries to Nature rather than to Google :)


As far as accomodation is concerned, it can take different shapes:

-- your own individual camping tent with your own bedding;

-- a camping tent lent by the farm with your own bedding;

-- a single bed in the Durga’s dormitory, with your own bedding


Prices will vary accordingly ; The farm can also provide bedding with additionnal fee;


Food is vegetarian, healthy and delicious, and is be prepared by our "chef" helped by the group or/and volunteers according to situation;


Other rules are mentionned in the “Little guide of the farm” which you are warmly encouraged to read; if everyone follows these gentle rules, the energy of the farm is kept pure, the harmony is protected and everyone benefits from it;


If however you feel attracted by these topics yet you would prefer to come by yourself, and not be in a crowded environment, the "blue stay" may suit you better : a program tailored just for you by Isabelle with activities like yoga, ayurveda, gardening, cooking and others ! You may discover the "blue stays" by following the blue flower !

Ecobuilding workshop & Yoga festival June 2015